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Green Bag Company - Our Roots


We are Canadian entrepreneurs based in Revelstoke, British Columbia. Living in a mountain wonderland we never – not for a minute – take our environment for granted, and it’s this sense of environmental stewardship and paying it forward to our community that led to the idea for the Green Bag Company and our bags.

Our parent company, Shade Sails Canada, makes sun shades for industrial and residential use. One day we realized we could be doing something more with the excess material, or ‘off cuts’, that didn’t end up being part of a shade sail. Otherwise they’d be headed for the landfill. We wondered if the remnant material could be fashioned into ultra-useful bags that could be used as handbags, beach bags, storing tools, books, mementos or for potting plants – you name it. So we went back to our sewing machines and the first Green Bag Company bag was born.